Domestic Relief, Recovery, and Restoration

From hurricanes to fires and tornados to community disasters, drops of grace® is there, on the ground using our hands and our hearts to rebuild homes and to offer support in healing the hearts of those most devastated.

drops of grace® has created ripples by bringing not only hands to work, but ears to listen, eyes to see and a hearts full of love to those we meet and assist. We partner with like-minded organizations who are already "boots on the ground", finding the families who need our help the most. These partners prove to consistently bring those most in need to our attention. Our goal is to identify where we are able to support them.

We are blessed with volunteers who have made donations of tools, time and resources to continue to help those who need us most.

We cannot do this without our volunteers.

If you are interested in serving with us, please send a message to

Click here to donate and be a part of our community of volunteers who help to rebuild lives and bring HOPE to those who are most in need.

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drops of grace in Brackettville, Texas
drops of grace in Brackettville, Texas


"I think that when presented with an extra-long weekend, most people instantly start thinking about which show they're going to marathon on Netflix. Having the opportunity to spend this short vacation off of the couch and out helping others was a blessing in itself. Feeling the sense of accomplishment of having done so much work for this humble community of Brackettville was just the icing on the cake." - Loren Mullen RRHS Senior